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The Informed Retiree was written to enlighten readers to the nuances, ideologies, propaganda and realisms of retirement. There is an endless supply of information to be influenced by in the new millennium. More than ever before in the history of mankind has information been delivered with lightning-fast speed. This is true within the foundations of the financial markets throughout the world; it’s true for those searching for answers to their retirement questions; and it’s true for those marketing to retirees for whatever products they are offering.  

“Be Informed, not influenced” - this is the overall theme of the book. It should assist readers to appreciate just how many different scenarios can affect a retirement strategy, and most importantly, their income.

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About the Author

Leonard Rhoades started his career in 1993 with a multi-billion-dollar financial services firm, IOF Foresters, based in Toronto, and then from 2007 to 2011, Leonard was the Vice President of the southern United States for Formula Folios, an asset management firm. He was a model money manager for clients and advisors throughout the country. Since 2012, Leonard has been the Operations and Portfolio Manager for Global Wealth Solutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Leonard specializes in assisting retirees and pre-retirees with the complex planning issues associated with wealth preservation, income strategies and legacy planning. In 2010, he wrote the book, “Emotion and Its Impact on Investing, the Common Mistakes that Sabotage Retirement Savings.” He is also the author of “The Informed Retiree” (2018).  

Leonard lives in West Michigan with his wife, Andrea, where he enjoys time with his children and grandchildren.

The Informed Retiree

What Informed Retirees Do Different and the Mistakes They Avoid

If you’re like most retirees that are looking to spend their retirement years with less anxiety than they were accustomed to while working and raising their family, this book is designed to provide enlightenment into the process to begin that life. What are the potential obstacles and roadblocks to a successful retirement in the coming years? Will certain market influences such as interest rates continue to drag on retirement portfolios, and if so, for how long? How do some retire successfully, while others seem to struggle? Was the focus or the advice wrong?  

My hope is that this book, The Informed Retiree, will assist a retiree in some way for the good. Remember, be informed and not influenced. Understand the different business models that make up the financial industry and how they will work for or against your retirement. Lastly, remember it’s your retirement and your money. Do with both how you’ve dreamed!